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Tyler’s top 40 albums of 2016

Life gets in the way more often than it used to, so for another consecutive year of reviewing my favorite music, I’m introducing a new format that eschews my usual rambling tangents for a concise overview that lets the year’s music speak for itself. Take a trip back to 2016 with this curated, eclectic playlist.

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Jim Shearer Q&A

Jim Shearer (photo by

The realest and most legit former MTV VJ this side of anywhere, Jim Shearer, took time in 2007 to sit down with The 120 Minutes Archive and answer questions straight from our contributors. Inside this compilation of his answers, you’ll find out what he had to say about a number of topics related to music and MTV.

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Exit Interview

After 17 years of operation, the cult-classic music-video series, 120 Minutes, closed up shop for good. For the final episode, MTV2 brought back former hosts Dave Kendall and Matt Pinfield. After the cameras were turned off, Jim Shearer corralled Dave and Matt and talked with them about the legacy they left behind.

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